walk with us and let us make the path a little clearer

There are a number of ways in which we can do this. We offer everything from a simple advisory service right through to a complete permanent placement service.

However you want us to help, it always starts with a conversation. So get in touch today. There’s no charge for starting a conversation.

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“The decision to move into full-time residential care is a significant one. It’s important to choose a facility that best meets your needs and preferences.”
finding the right home

Seniors Pathway prides itself on appropriate placement. Not all residential care beds are necessarily suitable for the residents we represent. We consider the wants and wishes of the resident in conjunction with the administrative constraints of the process.

We understand that the things an aged care facility manager will be considering are wholly different to those that the client will be contemplating. Our value is in our ability to act as a connection between you and them.